Saturday, November 7, 2009

They Still Want IJN After All.

Fellow blogger BigDog exposed it here - The IJN disembowelment, part II

They never stop, do they? Damn those fellows. The CEO and his cohorts appear to be the culprits. Do find out their details and expose them, Big Dog.

They are supposed to be mending hearts not injure those with feelings for the downtrodden, the non-corporate guys and the average Joe that Tun Dr Mahathir must have envisaged to also benefit, at low rates, from IJN. If these blokes have their way, only corporate fellows – and only big corporations, at that – will be the major beneficiaries. Making money from people’s hearts. Bloody b…….!

Undisclosed grand design?

I read about the query some people already expressed whether there is a race or competition at amassing wealth among leading politicians.

No matter how much more i (read, we) rant..rant and rant, they will never take heed. heart beat so fast - furious but beaten.


  1. Furthermore, i m not blind by my vocation in politic...not like those fanatics that consciously closed their eyes when their leaders - buat tak serupa cakap.

    I sincerely thanks any forthcoming comment. Let us agree to disagree.

  2. IJN = AFFORDING the rakyat to have a HEART and to LIVE.