Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creative Cluster @ BITF - Photography Exhibition

Pictures taken by Zack Jr.

Well - better than nothing. As a parent, i wanted the best for him and this is what he like most, does the best. So ? I said good luck, son!


Kecantikan seorang lelaki bukan pada rupa fizikal tapi murni rohani. Lelaki yang cantik adalah:

1) Lelaki yang mampu mengalirkan airmata untuk ingatan
2) Lelaki yang bersedia menerima teguran
3) Lelaki yang memberi madu, setelah menerima racun
4) Lelaki yang berlapang dada
5) Lelaki yang berbaik sangka
6) Lelaki yang tidak berputus asa

Kecantikan lelaki berdiri di atas kemuliaan hati. Yang ada pada Nabi Muhammad s.a.w adalah kecantikan yang sempurna pada seorang lelaki.

Kegagahan Wanita

Kegagahan wanita bukan pejal otot badan tapi kekuatan perasaan. Perempuan yang gagah ialah:

1) Perempuan yang tabah menerima sebuah kehilangan
2) Perempuan yang tidak takut pada kemiskinan
3) Perempuan yang tahan menanggung kerinduan setelah ditinggalkan
4) Perempuan yang tidak meminta-minta agar dipenuhi segala keinginannya

Kegagahan perempuan berdiri di atas teguhnya iman.Seluruh kegagahan yang ada pada Siti Khadijah adalah kegagahan yang sempurna bagi seorang perempuan.

Sekadar perkongsian idea.


So busy before The 3rd of November?

A poem for Anwar

Anak buaya pergi bertenung,

Singgah ke lubuk memakan bangkai;

hendak hati memeluk gunung,

Gunung dipeluk tangan tak sampai.

Wakakaka..enough is enough man lai lai...


People, if they will it, can make a fresh start. They can turn their lives around. Hadn't i done so once when i was abandoned by the very person that should protected me? There were so many obstacles, so much much tears....And yet i was free! I owed no one. I had wronged no man. Yes, i was free! I can go anywwhere, repeating the words and surprising myself.

Last night i went to bed without fear. It was as if some miraculous transformation had taken place. As if i had drunk some magic potion....... And for the first time in a long while, i fell into comforting, easy sleep.

If others had their fate i also had mine, i suppose.

Why did i know so little? Why do i know so little now? Jayn, Jayn, if i called to you now, my ownself calling to my ownself, would you hear me? And if you hear me, would you heed me?

I dont even know why i'm writing this.

I must admit there are 'memories' in my head that are curious even to me. I would not like to have to say this to even myself. Memory, i must suppose, if it is neglected becomes like a box room, or a lumber room in an old house, the contents jumbled about, maybe not only from neglect but also from too much haphazard searching in them, and things to boot thrown in that don't belong there. I certainly suspect - well, i don't know what i certainty suspect. It makes me a little dizzy to contemplate the possibility that everything i remember may not be - may not be real. There was so much turmoil at that time that - that what? I took refuge in other impossible histories, in dreams, in fantasies?

I dont know.

My lifes - has been doomed from the beginning.
But if i put my faith in certain memories, perhaps they will serve as stepping stones, and i will cross the torrent of 'times past', without being plunged entirely into it.
They say the old at least have their memories. I am not so sure this is always a good thing. I am trying to be faithful to what is in my head. I hope it is trying also to be as faithful to me.

What the hell im rantings about?


Worth Having For....
Oh, man. This will be an affair to remember.
No Conffessions from this shattered soul.
You will always be my beloved honey bee. Of that i m sure.

I went to work, and my fucking Notebook, my love, my precious, died on me.
Oh, woe is me! I'm in paiiinnn! Muahahaha! At least I'm crying over a notebook. Some people cry over even lesser shit. Like being alive. And being around other people...

Friday, October 30, 2009


Updates : 03/11/09 - we are not maid murderer

Update: Trader A. Murugan charged at Klang Magistrate Court with murder of Indonesian maid Mantik Hani who died after being allegedly abused / STAR

Why some humans turn into beast is beyond me.

May A.Murugan rest in hell soon (my personal view).


I will never forget the most overused phrases : WE GOT THE NUMBERS AND INCREASING BY THE HOUR...phuih...



Now and then. The same. No it meant to be preserved for its amazing views or just simply lacked of development.....hmmm..i wunder.!

A lots.